Decision Processes Colloquia: 2009-2010

Where: JMHH 355

When: 12:00-1:20 PM (unless otherwise noted)

Note: Please contact Decision Process Coordinators Jonah Berger (215) 898-5404, or Devin Pope (215) 573-8742 for suggestions for additional speakers and Angela Di Santo (215) 746-3756 for Decision Process scheduling information and appointments with speakers.

Fall 2009

Speaker Abstracts/Papers

September 14, 2009 Katherine Milkman,Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management,The Wharton School

Decision Biases in the Lab and the Field, with an Eye towards Improving Outcomes

September 21, 2009 Cassie Mogilner,
Assistant Professor of Marketing
The Wharton School
Time, Money, and Happiness

September 28, 2009 No colloquium

October 5, 2009 Nicholas Barberis,
Stephanie & Camille Schramm Professor Finance
Yale School of Management
A Model of Casino Gambling

October 19, 2009 Jennifer Lerner,
Professor of Public Policy and Management
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Emotion and Decision Making

Disgust Promotes Disposal:
Souring the Status Quo

October 26, 2009 Sendhil Mullainathan,
Professor of Economics,
Harvard University
The Shape of Temptation: Implications for the Economic Lives of the Poor

November 2, 2009 Sheena Iyengar, 
Professor of Management 
Columbia University
The Art of Subtraction

Tragic Choices: Autonomy and Emotional
Responses to Medical Decisions

November 9, 2009 Derek Koehler,
Professor of Psychology, University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada
Probability matching in choice under uncertainty: Intuition versus deliberation

November 16, 2009 James Fowler,
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of California, San Diego

Cooperative Behaviour Cascades in Human Social Networks

November 23, 2009 Sanford DeVoe,
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior & HR Management, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
Medium of Exchange Matters: What’s Fair for Goods Is Unfair for Money

Spring 2010




January 25, 2010 Adam Grant,
Associate Professor of Management, The Wharton School
Prosocial Impact at Work: Does Making a Difference Make a Difference?

February 1, 2010 Drew Westen,
Professor of Psychology, Emory University
Consuming Passions: Conscious and Unconscious Influences on Voting and Consumer Behavior

February 8, 2010 Robert Goldstone,
Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences;
Director, Cognitive Science Program
Indiana University
Patterns of Innovation and Imitation in Human Collective behavior


February 15, 2010 Emily Balcetis,
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Motivated Visual Perception: Seeing What We Want to See


February 22, 2010 Lyle Brenner,
Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Florida
Support Models of Social Projection

March 1, 2010 Eugene Caruso,
Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science, The University of Chicago
Why the Future is Bigger (and Badder) than the Past

March 8, 2010 SPRING BREAK – No Colloquium

March 15, 2010 Robyn LeBoeuf,
Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Florida
Consequence-Cause Matching: How and Why People Look to the Consequences of Events to Infer the Causes of Events

March 22, 2010 Elizabeth Dunn,
Assistant Professor of Psychology,  University of British Columbia

From Wealth to Well-being: How Money Aids – and Impedes – the Pursuit of Happiness

March 29, 2010 David Laibson,
Professor of Economics, Harvard University
Self-control and liquidity: How to design a commitment contract

April 5, 2010 Jane Risen,
Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science, University of Chicago

Why are People Reluctant to Tempt Fate?

April 12, 2010 Eldar Shafir, 
Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs, Princeton University

Decisions Under Scarcity

April 14, 2010

Location: JMHH F45
10:30 am -11:50 am

Todd Rogers
Executive Director, Analyst Institute
Do You Have a Voting Plan? Implementation Intentions, Voter Turnout, and Organic Plan Making


April 19, 2010 Colin Camerer,*
Robert Kirby Professor of Behavioral Finance and Economics, California Institute of Technology
A Cognitive Hierarchy of Strategic Thinking in the Lab, Field, and Brain

April 26, 2010 Kevin Volpp,
Associate Professor of Medicine and Health Care Management, The Wharton School
Behavioral Economics and Incentives for Healthy Behavior

May 3, 2010

Location: JMHH 240

Daniel Read,
Professor of Behavioural Economics, Durham Business School (UK)
The Psychology of Intertemporal Tradeoffs

*Distinguished Lecture