MBA Program Advising and Registration

Program Advising and Course Selections

Faculty are assigned each year to act as the MBA program advisor for the marketing department. Please contact the advisor  if you need specific assistance with program requirements or require faculty signatures on forms.  (Students may also contact and their Academic Advisor in the MBA Program Office about general program requirements.)

David Reibstein, JMHH 743 (215) 898-6643

Students who have general questions about the Marketing MBA course offerings, should contact the Marketing Department staff at JMHH, 215-898-8243).

Registration (MBA and non-MBA Candidates)

For Non-MBA Candidates:  Students who are non-MBA candidates, who wish to take one of the Marketing Department graduate level courses, can do so only if there is room in the course after the MBA Course Match is over and with written permission from the course instructor (if he or she believes that the course is appropriate for the student). Students must download and complete the Registration Authorization Request for Non-MBA Candidates form (the form is available on the MBA inside website Forms page). They should then obtain the appropriate signature, and email it to the address on the form, or hand deliver it to the MBA Program Office in Suite 300 of Jon M. Huntsman Hall. The deadline to submit this form is by the last day that MBA students are permitted to enroll in said course. The schedule that shows the final enrollment dates is posted on the MBA Program Office academic calendar web page.  Please note that for popular courses, there may be no seats available. You will be notified by the MBA Program office if you have been granted a seat. If you are issued a permit, it most likely will not be until after the first week of classes.

For MBA Candidates: With the exception of  Independent Study Courses (MKTG 899) students register for marketing department elective courses by participating in the MBA Course Match. Non-MBA candidates cannot participate in Course Match.

Permits: The marketing department does not issue permits for MBA elective or core courses. All registrations must go through the MBA Program Office either through the Course Match process or by submitting the above mentioned registration authorization request form. Students with unusual circumstances, who believe they need a permit should contact the department’s course coordinator at 215-898-8244 for assistance.

Waiting Lists: The department does not keep wait lists for courses that are fully enrolled. Students should use the wait list system established by the MBA Program Office.

Independent Study

Independent Study:  The department’s MBA independent study course (MKTG 899) is offered on a limited basis to advanced students who wish to conduct academic research under the supervision of a Marketing Department faculty member. In order to register for MKTG 899, a student must:

  • Find a faculty supervisor. It is the student’s responsibility to find a faculty member who is willing to supervise and evaluate their research; the department does not assign any particular faculty member to “teach” this course. It is recommended that students approach a faculty member who shares their research interest. Faculty research interests are listed on each faculty member’s profile.
  • Complete the Forms. All students need to fill out the MBA Program Office’s Independent Study/Advanced Study Projects (ISP/ASP) Authorization Request Form. Students will also need to complete the Marketing Department’s MKTG899_Supplemental_Approval_Form if they are asking a non-standing faculty member to supervise the project. Make sure the credit units (0.5 or 1.0) are filled in. The department will fill in the course and section number.
  • Obtain Marketing Department Approval. The student should get the faculty member who is supervising their project to sign and date the “Instructor” line on the ISP/ASP form. (If needed the student should also obtain the signature of the MBA Advisor on the supplement form). Once the student obtains the necessary faculty signature(s), the form(s) should be delivered to the department’s course coordinator in 700 Jon M. Huntsman Hall, who will sign the “Department Administrator” line, create the course in the Student Registration System (SRS) and ask the MBA Program Office to register the student for the course**.
  • Meet the Deadlines: Ideally, MKTG 899 approval should be obtained prior to the start of the semester in which the research will be conducted. Forms for 1.0 CU sections may be submitted up until the course add date (“Course Selection Period ends” date as published on the Registrar’s Calendar.) Forms for 0.5 CU projects are to be submitted no later than 7 days after the first day of the quarter in which the project is to be completed. Forms submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

NOTE:  The Marketing Department will permit a total of no more than 1 CU credit from any Advanced Study Project (MKTG 890 – including Global Consulting Practicum), Independent Study (MKTG 899), or Global Modular Course (MKTG 893 and 897), to count toward the Marketing Major elective requirements. Students may combine such courses as long as the total credit does not exceed 1 CU.

** If registration for an ISP puts a student above the Maximum course units for the semester, they should consult with their advisor in the MBA Program Office. MBA students are only allowed to register for a total of 1.0 CU of Independent Study per semester across all departments. Students should not request registration from the Marketing Department for an Independent Study if they are already registered for an Independent Study in another department for that semester.

For more information or to request admission application forms, see Wharton MBA Programs