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Academic Calendars for Marketing Courses

Full semester courses: Courses offered by the Marketing Department for full time undergraduate and MBA students, as well as courses offered in the Doctoral Program,  follow the Wharton Academic Calendar. Course meeting dates, exam dates, and breaks cooincide with the University of Pennsylvania Academic Calendar, except for the core MBA courses.

Mini-semester courses: Key dates for the mini-semester courses offered by the department can be found on the Wharton Academic Calendar link. Quarter 1 (Q1) and Quarter 2 (Q2) mini sessions occur in the first and second halves of the fall semester respectively; Quarter 3 (Q3) and Quarter 4 (Q4) mini sessions occur in the first and second halves of the spring semester. Mini-semester courses are not offered in the summer sessions.

Summer sessions: When the department offers summer courses, they follow the University of Pennsylvania's Academic Calendar schedule. The session dates and registration deadlines can be found at Penn Summer.

Executive education: Marketing courses offered through Wharton's Executive Education programs, have their own unique schedules. Students are advised to consult the executive education website for the Executive MBA Program Calendar.