Research Papers

Current research papers of the Wharton Marketing faculty are listed within each faculty member’s individual web page. A chronological list (by year) of the entire standing faculty’s Publications and Working Papers is also available. Our PhD student’s papers can be found by visiting their individual web pages.

Research Centers & Programs

There are several Research Centers & Programs associated with the Marketing Department. The Centers’ web sites have information about programs, calls for papers, and publications, as well as their contact information.

Participate in Research

The Wharton Behavioral Lab conducts research projects for Wharton professors. The student and non-student population is paid $10 dollars an hour to answer questionnaires. The participants’ individual responses are kept anonymous, but aggregate results are reported in a variety of academic and popular publications and contribute to our knowledge about many important business issues. If you would like to participate in the studies, please click on the lab link above to sign up through the WBL website.

Through the Wharton Partnership, Wharton’s professors work with more than 1000 businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations around the world, including most of the Fortune 500 companies. Our engagement with real-world business helps us bridge the gaps between theory and practice, situating new knowledge in its real-world, real-time contexts. To find out how to participate in faculty research, contact the Wharton Partnership.