MBA Program

For strategic decision-makers in the private and public sectors, “marketing” describes a fundamental approach to general management decision-making and a necessary set of business functions. Business people trained in marketing can provide critical input in such areas as markets, competitors, and portfolios of operating technologies. As such, the field of marketing is a valuable preparation for many types of management careers, including consulting, entrepreneurial management, line management, and for those who have future interests in starting their own business.

Wharton has one of the largest set of courses and faculty in the area of Marketing. The variety of courses offered by the marketing faculty has been designed to meet the needs of both management generalists and students who choose to pursue one of the two majors offered through the department: the Marketing Management Major and a joint major in Marketing and Operations Management.

The Marketing major investigates the fundamental approaches to understanding markets, competitors, and portfolios of product offerings. It’s popular for students interested in general management careers, as well as in the media and entertainment field and management consulting.

Comprising seven courses, Marketing and Operations Management is the only official joint major at Wharton. This area is attractive for students interested in marketing in the manufacturing and service sectors and business-to-business marketing in general – e.g., supply chain management, new product development, or general product and brand management.

Because of its broad relevance, marketing is often chosen by students as part of a double major.  Marketing’s flexibility makes it a good choice for a double major with Finance, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurial Management, or Operations Management.

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