Undergraduate Program Advising and Registration

Program planning and advising with a faculty advisor is strongly recommended. Marketing faculty advisors can help you to create a sequence to your courses so that they build on one another more productively. The advisors can also help you to select a set of courses within the program’s options to best suit an interest in areas such as consulting, product management, retailing, and high-tech marketing management.

It is important to have looked at the requirements for the major and at the suggested course tracks in order to approach your advisor with concrete questions about specific courses that might fit your needs. Reviewing the schedule of courses to be offered in the following term before meeting with the advisor is recommended.

Additional help is also available through the Undergrad Program office. (Wharton Undergraduate Advising)

Permits, Registration and Independent Study

Registration: Students can register for all the department’s undergraduate offerings (except MKTG399) through Penn in Touch.

Permits:  The only students who would require a permit to enroll in a Marketing Department course are those who are attending another college in the Quaker Consortium, or who are enrolled in Penn’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies. LPS students usually need to obtain permission directly from the course instructor before a permit can be issued.

Please note that MKTG101220 is reserved for Wharton Scholars only. No permits will be issued for this section.

Wait lists: The department does not maintain any course wait lists. If a class is shown as closed in Penn in Touch, that means all available seats have been filled. As students constantly drop and add courses, students should check back periodically to see if any seats open up.

Independent Study: The department’s undergraduate independent study course (MKTG399) is offered on a limited basis to advanced students who have a 3.4 overall GPA and wish to conduct academic research under the supervision of a Marketing Department faculty member. In order to register for MKTG399:

  • Find a faculty supervisor. It is the student’s responsibility to find a faculty member who is willing to supervise and evaluate their research; the department does not assign any particular faculty member to “teach” this course. It is recommended that students approach a faculty member who shares their research interest. Faculty research interests are listed on each faculty member’s profile.
  • Prepare a proposal. Interested students should prepare a 1 to 2 page proposal describing the research topic, procedure, time-frame, and the potential contribution of the research to the marketing field.
  • Obtain Marketing Department Approval. Get the appropriate signatures on the Independent Study form. The form is available in the Undergraduate or Marketing offices or on-line.
  • Get Appropriate Approvals from the Undergraduate Office. Once  your proposal is approved at the department level, it must be submitted to the Undergraduate Petitions Committee for final approval
  • Deadlines: MKTG 399 approval must be obtained no later than the start of the semester in which the research will be conducted.

Marketing Advisor Contact Information & XCAT (Transfer Credit) Reviews

Students who have general questions about the undergraduate course offerings, should contact the Marketing Department staff at marketing.dept@wharton.upenn.edu. (700 JMHH, 215-898-8243)

The names of the faculty advisors for each of the programs offered by the department are listed on the program’s webpage.

Non-Wharton courses: Before taking any non-Wharton course, it’s a good idea to check to see if course credit will be substitutable for a program’s requirements. Please use these on-line systems:

Transfer Credits – All requests need to be made through the External Course Approval Tool (XCAT)  – Information for Wharton Students . XCAT reviews are handled by the faculty advisor. Visit Marketing Concentration  to find the advisor’s contact information.