Wharton's distinguished marketing faculty are the most published and the most cited among all marketing departments in the world. The faculty pages describe our current faculty members research interests and their consulting experience with the world's largest firms.

Created in 1935 (see A Brief History of the Department) and currently the third largest department in the Wharton School, the Marketing Department now has twenty-five standing faculty members. Additionally, it enlists the help of visitors, adjuncts, and lecturers and teaching assistants to meet the demands of teaching for the department.

Chairperson Jagmohan Raju is assisted by five program coordinators. David Bell coordinates activities related to the Ph.D. program; Raghurum Iyengar and Americus Reed, II, coordinate the MBA program and advise students; Steve Hoch and Wes Hutchinson head up our undergraduate program. Keith Niedermeier advises the Undergraduate Marketing Association.