Research Centers and Programs

These Research Centers and Programs are associated with the Marketing Department. Their web sites have information about programs, calls for papers, and publications.


Baker LogoCreated in 2003 as a result of a gift to the Wharton School by Jay (W’56) and Patty Baker and permanently endowed in 2010, the Center links retail theory with practice by forming a partnership between world class researchers, students, and the global leaders of today’s retail industry.

Professor Tom Robertson is the  Interim Director.
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PrintThrough the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative, world-class researchers collaborate with leading-edge businesses to ask and answer critical questions. Many businesses have come to the recent realization that customer analytics is at the heart of what will give them a competitive edge; we foresee an “arms race” as they invest in employees, technology, and outside expertise to help them reduce their reliance on decisions based primarily on conjecture versus decisions based on actual data capturing a wide variety of “touchpoints” that each customer has with the firm. The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative helps companies understand how to monetize the individual-level data that they collect about customers based on the applications of academic models and subsequent translations for a high-level managerial audience.


Professor Eric T. Bradlow is the Faculty Director.
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wniLogo_revNeuroscience has begun to uncover some of the fundamental mechanisms underlying decision making, innovation and insight, empathy and human connection, social awareness and the common good, how people use information to guide learning and exploration, and the experience and impact of online versus live interaction and pedagogy. New developments in neuroscience, as well as biometrics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and the human microbiome, offer the opportunity for enhanced precision not only in marketing and finance, but also in the identification of talent, enhancement of performance, and advancing human potential.

The Wharton Neuroscience Initiative aims to translate these new areas of exploration to improve business, drive new discoveries and applications, and enhance the education of future leaders at the nexus of business and brain science.

Professor Michael Platt is the Faculty Director.
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