Decision Processes Colloquia: 2012-2013

Location: 240 JMHH
Time: 12:00 – 1:20 PM (unless otherwise noted)

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Spring 2013

Date Speaker Abstract/Paper
January 14, 2013 Coren Apicella
Assistant Professor
University of Pennsylvania, Psychology Department
Understanding the Origins of Social, Economic and Attractiveness Preferences: Lessons from Hunter-Gatherers

January 21, 2013 None Scheduled – Martin Luther King Day
January 28, 2013 Suzanne Shu
Assistant Professor
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Annuity Preferences, Information Framing, and Life Expectations

February 4, 2013 Paul Bloom
Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor of Psychology & Cognitive Science
Yale University, Department of Psychology
Just Babies

February 11, 2013 Peter McGraw
Associate Professor Marketing
University of Colorado, Leeds Business
The Psychophysics of Humor

February 18, 2013 None Scheduled – President’s Day
February 25, 2013 Geoffrey Miller
Psychology Professor, University of New Mexico
Visiting Professor, NYU Stern Business School
Conspicuous Consumption as Trait-Display: How Human Instincts for Displaying Intelligence, Personality, and Moral Virtue Influence Consumers

March 4, 2013 None Scheduled – Spring Break
March 11, 2013 Fiery Cushman
Assistant Professor
Brown University Department of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences
Two Functions of Morality

March 18, 2013 Wendy Wood
Provost Professor of Psychology and Business Vice Dean for the Social Sciences
University of Southern California, Department of Psychology
Habits as Mechanism of Self-Regulation?

March 25, 2013 None Scheduled
April 1, 2013 Gabriel Lenz
Assistant Professor, Political Science
University of California, Berkeley
Does Candidate Appearance Matter? Testing the Causal Link between Candidates’ Facial Features and Voters’ Choices

April 8, 2013 Jennifer Mueller
Associate Professor, Management
University of San Diego, School of Business & Administration
The Innovator’s Dilemma: The Tradeoffs of Behaving in Ways to Generate and Implement Creative Ideas

April 15, 2013 Jack B Soll
Associate Professor
Duke University: The Fuqua School of Business
The Wisdom of Small Crowds

April 22, 2013 Distinguished Lecturer
Barry Schwartz
Professor, Dorwin Cartwright Professor
Swarthmore College, Department of Psychology
What Does It Mean to Be a Rational Decision Maker?

FALL 2012

Date Speaker Abstract/Paper
September 17, 2012 Devin Pope
Associate Professor of Behavioral Science and Robert King Steel Faculty Fellow
University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
Projection Bias in the Car and Housing Markets

September 24, 2012 Tom Meyvis
Associate Professor of Marketing Daniel P. Paduano Faculty Fellow
New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business
The Emotional Impact of Distant Events: Prediction versus Experience

October 1, 2012 Nathan Novemsky
Professor of Marketing
Yale University, Yale School of Management
Two Extensions of Construal Level Theory: Does Construal Change Representations or Just There Use and Implications for Gift Exchange

October 8, 2012 OPEN
October 15, 2012 Michel Tuan Pham
Kravis Professor of Business Marketing
Columbia University, Columbia Business School
Affect as a Decision Making System of the Present

October 22, 2012 FALL BREAK
October 29, 2012 Thomas D. Gilovich
Cornell University, Department of Psychology
Getting the Most for Your Money: The Hedonic Return on Experiential and Material Purchases

November 5, 2012 Nicholas Epley
John T. Keller Professor of Behavioral Science, John E. Jeuck Faculty Fellow
University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
The Problem with Principle #8

November 12, 2012 Clayton Critcher
Assistant Professor, Haas Marketing Group
University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business
The Involuntary Excluder Effect: Those Included by an Excluder Are Seen as Exclusive Themselves

November 26, 2012 Phil Fernbach
Assistant Professor of Marketing
University of Colorado
Illusions of Causal Understanding

December 3, 2012 Anuj Shah
Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science
University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
Thinking Through Scarcity