Please direct all course permission questions to Karen Ressler for all courses except MKTG 1010 and MKTG 1018. For those, please contact Heather Lindfors.

Department Staff

Dan Lynam– Business Manager

Patricia James– Business Administrator, Centers and Initiatives

Erika Burnett– Administrative Coordinator

Michele Klekotka– Associate Director

Rose Le– Administrative Assistant

Heather Lindfors – Administrative Coordinator

Beth McCarthy– Administrative Coordinator

Karen Ressler– Course Coordinator

Dee Lingham-Johnson- Fiscal Coordinator

Wharton Behavioral Lab

Mary Spratt– Senior Research Coordinator

Sue McCafferty– Senior Research Coordinator

Emily Rosa– Lab Coordinator

Robert Botto– Technical Lead, Wharton Behavioral Lab

Baker Retailing Center

Mina Fader– Managing Director, Baker Retailing Center

Susan McMullen– Director, Academic and Industry Partnerships, Baker Retailing Center

Brittany Franklin – Associate Director, Baker Retailing Center

Analytics at Wharton

Lauren Nelson Hyppolite – Managing Director

AI at Wharton

Mary Purk – Executive Director

Wharton Neuroscience Initiative

Elizabeth (Zab) Johnson– Managing Director, Wharton Neuroscience Initiative

Schotland McQuade – Program Coordinator, Wharton Neuroscience Initiative