Undergraduate Marketing and Communications

 (Dual Concentration)

Concentration Overview

Whether in advertising, the development of web-based initiatives, or in the conduct of market research, marketing professionals must understand the communication process and the most effective methods of conveying information. Students in this dual concentration will augment their understanding of the core concepts taught in their marketing courses and will be better prepared for employment or graduate study.

The dual concentration in marketing and communication allows Wharton students who are concentrating in marketing to take four courses in the Annenberg School of Communication and to have this cluster of courses recognized on their transcript as a second concentration. Students who wish to pursue a second concentration in communication must first declare a primary concentration in marketing. The concentration in communication may not be used as a primary or sole concentration.

Students are strongly encouraged to declare the dual concentration no later than the first semester of their junior year to ensure that they will be able to enroll in the necessary courses to complete the program.


The Marketing Department’s Undergraduate Faculty Advisor oversees Program Advising for the concentration.

Jonah Berger, Professor of Marketing
Marketing Department Undergraduate Advisor
3730 Walnut Street, Jon M. Huntsman Hall Room 768

For questions regarding registration issues for communications courses, please contact Alison Feather, (215.898.8892) at the Annenberg School for Communication.

Specific Requirements for the Concentration

Students who have declared a concentration in Marketing and wish to take a second concentration in Communication must

(1) Fulfill all of the requirements for the Marketing Concentration

(2) Take a total of four Communications Courses as follows:

  (a) Two course units from the following three communication courses

  • COMM 1230: Critical Approaches to Popular Culture
  • COMM 1250: Introduction to Communication Behavior
  • COMM 1300: Media Industries and Society

(b) Two additional course units from communication courses, one of which may be the third course listed under (a) that the student completes.  NOTE: The following courses cannot be taken to satisfy this requirement: COMM 3091: Communication Internship Seminar, COMM 3999: Communication Independent Study,  and the Senior Thesis courses COMM 4797 COMM 4897 and COMM 4997.

For questions regarding registration issues for communications courses, please contact Alison Feather, (215.898.8892) at the Annenberg School for Communication. For questions about concentration requirements, contact the concentration advisers listed above.

How to register for communications courses:

Wharton students taking the dual concentration should first try to pre-register for the course. Students who were not able to pre-register for a COMM course that is part of the dual concentration need to go to the first day of class of the course and get on the waiting list, noting that they are Wharton students pursuing the dual concentration. This will enable the coordinator of the undergraduate communication major to give Wharton students with the dual concentration priority when assigning seats.