Marketing Advanced Topics Seminars

Advanced Topics Seminars MKTG971, 972, 973, and 974

All Marketing doctoral students, except those on the job market, are required to attend, serve as leaders for, and be active participants in the Advanced Ph.D. seminars generally held on Wednesdays and Thursdays at lunchtime. These expose students to a wide variety of advanced topics in Marketing. Students must enroll in each of these half credit courses (MKTG971 and MKTG973 in fall, and MKTG972 and MKTG974 in spring) for credit only once.

Student Involvement with the Department Colloquia

In addition to the Advanced Topics Seminars, all Ph.D. students are expected to participate actively in the Department’s colloquia, which feature presentation of research in progress by department faculty members, Ph.D. students, other schools, and guests. Lists of colloquia speakers and topics are posted on Marketing Colloquia and Decision Processes Colloquia throughout the fall and spring semesters.