For Current PhD Students

The Wharton Doctoral Program office maintains a website with a wealth of information for current students. Students can find degree requirements and forms, policies and procedures, research links, and answers to questions about just about every aspect of their experience as a doctoral student.

To supplement this information, the Marketing Department also maintains a PhD Student Manual that provides department specific policies as well as office procedures.

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Program Advising and Course Selection

Students should contact the faculty member designated as the PhD Coordinator for specific assistance with program requirements and to obtain signatures on the various forms required by the program. First-year students are assigned two faculty mentors who can also answer questions about the department and help foster connections with the faculty at large.

PhD Faculty Coordinator
Professor Ron Berman JMHH 746
(215) 573-4831

PhD Administrative Coordinator
Heather Lindfors JMHH 700
(215) 898-3818

Students who have general questions about the PhD course offerings, can contact the PhD Administrative Coordinator, as well as other Marketing Department staff at (700 JMHH, 215-898-8243)


Students should consult the Wharton Doctoral Program’s website for course registration information. Please take note of rules surrounding deadlines, course loads, auditing, and registration for dissertation.

Registration for Marketing Department Courses:  All students need a permit in order to register for PhD courses offered by the department. Students within the marketing program should contact the PhD Administrative Coordinator for the department to obtain a permit. Students from outside the department need to obtain written permission of the instructor in order to obtain a permit. This is best accomplished by e-mailing the course instructor for permission and “cc” the PhD Administrative Coordinator. Once permission is granted, the course instructor will inform the administrative coordinator so that the permit can be issued in the Student Registration System (SRS).

Registration for Independent Study Course:  In order to register for the department’s PhD independent study course (MKTG 999) students need to:

  • Find a faculty supervisor. It is the student’s responsibility to find a faculty member who is willing to supervise and evaluate their research; the department does not assign any particular faculty member to “teach” this course.
  • Complete the Form. All students need to fill out the PhD Program Office’s Independependent Study Course Approval Form and obtain the signature of the faculty member who is supervising their project on the “Instructor” line on the form.
  • Submit the Form.  Once the student obtains the necessary faculty signature, the form should be delivered to the PhD Administative Coordinator, so that the course can be added to the Student Registration System (SRS) and a permit issued. The student should also send a copy of the fully signed form to the Wharton Doctoral Program Office (Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall, 3620 Locust Walk/6302, Suite 3500).
  • Meet the Deadlines: Ideally, MKTG 999 approval should be obtained prior to the start of the semester in which the research will be conducted. Forms may be submitted up until the course “add” deadline date published on the Registrar’s Calendar.