Course Sequence Sample

SEMINAR SCHEDULE – All Doctoral Program seminars are offered in the same terms each academic year as shown in the table below. Courses in gold shaded blocks are required of all Marketing Program students. Students only need to take some of the other seminars depending upon if they choose the Behavioral or Quantitative track. If they take only one of the seminar “pairs” they usually take Part A.

Fall Q1Fall Q2Spring Q3Spring Q4
MKTG950 (Part A)MKTG951MKTG952 (Part A)MKTG953
MKTG954 (Part A)MKTG955
MKTG956 (Part A)MKTG957
MKTG971(spans both quarters)MKTG972(spans both quarters)
MKTG973(spans both quarters)MKTG974(spans both quarters)

SAMPLE SEMINAR SEQUENCE – Each student’s schedule will vary, depending upon which electives and basic courses they choose. The sample schedule below illustrates when students should take the Marketing seminars. The blue highlighted course numbers are the Quantitative Track seminars. The red highlighted course numbers are the Consumer Behavior Track seminars.

The non-marketing courses listed in this table will vary for each individual student. See the PhD Program Requirements for the list of non-marketing courses that are available to satisfy the Basic course requirements in Economics and Statistics.

YEARS 1 and 2 
  • Coursework
  • Examination
  • Research Papers
  • Research Activities
  • Completion of Other Requirements by Field
YEAR 1 – Quantitative Track
  • Fall: MKTG 942; MKTG 943; MKTG 950, MKTG 973, ECON 681, STAT 970
  • Spring:   MKTG 940, MKTG 941, MKTG 952,  MKTG 954, MKTG 955,  MKTG 956, MKTG 957, STAT 971
  • Summer: Marketing Preliminary Exam, First Year Research Paper
YEAR 2 – Quantitative Track
  • Fall: MKTG 971, Electives, Research Paper
  • Spring:   MKTG 972, MKTG 974, ECON 682, Electives, Research
  • Summer: Second Year Research Paper
YEAR 1 – Consumer Behavior Track
  • Fall: MKTG 942; MKTG 943; MKTG 950; MKTG951; MKTG 971; STAT 500
  • Spring: MKTG 940; MKTG 941, MKTG 952; MKTG 953; MKTG 954; MKTG 956; MKTG 972; STAT 501
  • Summer: Marketing Preliminary Exam, First Year Research paper
YEAR 2 – Consumer Behavior Track
  • Fall: MKTG 973; BEPP 950; Electives; Research Paper
  • Spring: MKTG 974, Electives, Research
  • Summer: Second Year Research Paper
  • Directed Reading & Research
  • Admission to Candidacy
  • Formulation of Reasearch Topic
Dissertation proposal defense MKTG 995
  • Continued Research
  • Oral Examination
  • Dissertation
Final dissertation defense MKTG 995