Selected Publications

Selected Publications by Former Ph.D. Students

Amaldoss, Wilfred

“An Analysis of the Impact of Social Factors on Purchase Behavior,” with Sanjay Jain,. Review of Marketing Science. Dember 5, 2002.

“David versus Goliath: An analysis of asymmetric mixed strategy games and experimental evidence,” with Sanjay Jain, Management Science. 2002

“Mixed Strategies And Iterative Elimination Of Strongly Dominated Strategies: An Experimental Investigation Of States Of Knowledge,” with Amnon Rapoport, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, August 1, 2001.

“Collaborating to Compete,” with Robert Meyer, Jagmohan Raju and Amnon Rapoport, Marketing Science, 2000.

Banks, Darryl

“Behavioral Theory and Naive Strategic Reasoning,” with Robert J. Meyer, Wharton on Dynamic Competitive Strategy, 1997.

Bansal, Pradeep

“Brand Introduction Strategies and Competitive Environments,” with Hubert Gatignon amd Barton Weitz, Journal of Marketing Research, 1990.

Bayus, Barry L.

“An Empirical Analysis of Firm Product Line Decisions,” with William P. Putsis Jr. Jr., Journal of Marketing Research, February, 2001.

“Truth or Consequences: An Analysis of Vaporware and New Product Announcements,” with Sanjay Jain and Ambar G. Rao, Journal of Marketing Research, 2000.

“Product Proliferation: An Empirical Analysis of Product Line Determinants and Market Outcomes,” with William P. Putsis Jr., Marketing Science, 1999.

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Bhattacharya, C.

“Consumer-Company Identification: A Framework for Understanding Consumers’ Relationships With Companies,” with Sankar Sen, Journal of Marketing, April 2003.

“Us Versus Them: The Role of Organizational Identification and Disidentification in Social Marketing Initiatives,” with Kimberly D. Elsbach, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 2002.

“Relating Brand and Customer Perspectives on Marketing Management,” with Tim Ambler, Julie Edell, Kevin Lane Keller, Katherine N. Lemon, and Vikas Mittal, Journal of Service Research. August 2002.

“Does Doing Good Always Lead to Doing Better? Consumer Reactions to Corporate Social Responsibility,” with Sankar Sen, Journal of Marketing Research, May 2001.

“When Customers Are Members: Customer Retention in Paid Membership Contexts,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 1998.

“Is Your Brand’s Loyalty Too Much, Too Little or Just Right? Explaining Deviations in Loyalty from the Dirichlet Norm,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, December 1997.

Buchan, Nancy

“The Boundaries of Trust: Own and Other’s Actions in the US and China,” with Rachel T.A. Croson, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2004.

“When Do Fairness Beliefs Influence Bargaining Behavior: Experimental Evidence from Japan and the United States.” with Rachel T.A. Croson, and Eric J. Johnson, Journal of Consumer Research, 2004.

“Swift Neighbors and Persistent Strangers: A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Trust and Reciprocity in Social Exchange.” with Rachel T.A. Croson and Robyn M. Dawes, American Journal of Sociology, Vol 108, Issue 1, 2002..

“Gender and Culture: International Experimental Evidence from Trust Games,” with Rachel Croson, American Economic Review, 1999.

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Cain, Lisa

“Effects of Considering Uncontrollable Factors in Sales Force Performance Evaluation,” with Cynthia Huffman, Psychology & Marketing, September 2000.

Chatterjee, Sharmilla

Cho, Jae Wun

“The Impact of Product-Related Announcements on Consumer Purchase Intentions,’ with Raymond R. Burke, Wayne S. DeSarbo, and Vijay Mahajan, Advances in Consumer Research, 1990.

Ding, Min

“Structuring the New Product Development Pipeline,” with J. Eliashberg, Management Science, 2002.

Fein, Adam

“Understanding Evolutionary Processes in Non-Manufacturing Industries: Empirical Insights from the Shakeout in Pharmaceutical Wholesaling,” Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 1998.

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Fox, Edward

“Recapturing Lost Customers,” with Jakki Thomas and Bob Blattberg, Journal of Marketing Research, February 2004.

Hardie, Bruce

“Forecasting New Product Trial in a Controlled Test Market Environment,” with Peter S. Fader and Robert Zeithammer, Journal of Forecasting.

“A Note on an Integrated Model of Customer Buying Behavior,” with Peter S. Fader, European Journal of Operational Research, 2002.

“Marketing-Mix Variables and the Diffusion of Successive Generations of a Technological Innovation,” with Peter J. Danaher. and William P. Putsis, Jr., Journal of Marketing Research, November 2001.

“Watching Customers Decide: Process Measures Add Insights to Choice Modeling Experiments,” with Eric J. Johnson, J. Robert J. Meyer, and Paul Anderson, Marketing Research, 1997.

“Modeling Loss Aversion and Reference Dependence Effects on Brand Choice,” with Eric J. Johnson, and Peter S. Fader, Marketing Science, 1993.

Harlam, Bari

“An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of Retail Margins: The Role of Store-Brand Share,” with Kusum L. Ailawadi, Journal of Marketing Research, Jauary 2004.

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Helsen, Kristiaan

“Toward an Understanding of Price Wars: Their Nature and How They Erupt,” with Oliver P. Heil, International Journal of Research in Marketing, June 2001.

“Analyzing Duration Times in Marketing: Evidence for the Effectiveness of Hazard Rate Models,” with David C. Schmittlein, Marketing Science, 1993.

“Cross-Validation Assessment of Alternatives to Individual-Level Conjoint Analysis: A Case Study,” with Paul E. Green, Journal of Marketing Research, August 1989.

“Conjoint Internal Validity under Alternative Profile-Presentations,” with Paul E. Green, and Bruce S. Shandler, Journal of Consumer Research, December 1988.

Kim, Chulwan

“A New Approach to Multidimensional Unfolding for Reducing the Occurrence of Degenerate Solutions.” with Arvind Rangaswamy, and Wayne S. DeSarbo, Multivariate Behavioral Research, 1999.

Kim, Jin Ho

“Combining Forecasts: Operational Adjustments to Theoretically Optimal Rules,” with D. C. Schmittlein and D. G. Morrison, Management Science, 1991.

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Kim, Jonathan

“Beyond the Quadrant Chart: Designing Effective Benefit Bundle Strategies, with P. E. Green., Journal of Advertising Research, 1991.

“A Preliminary Study of Optimal Variable Weighting in K-Means Clustering,” with P. E. Green and F. J. Carmone, Journal of Classification, 1990.

“Predictive Accuracy of Classification and Regression Trees (CART) Versus Conjoint Analysis,” with P. E. Green and B. Shandler, 1990 Proceedings of Academy of Marketing Science, 1990.

“Preference Mapping of Conjoint-Based Profiles: An INDSCAL Approach,” with P. E. Green and J. D. Carroll, The Academy of Marketing Science, 1989.

Mandel, Naomi

“Positive and Negative Media Image Effects on the Self,” with Dirk Smeesters, Journal of Consumer Research, 32, 576-582. March 2006.

“Images of Success and the Preference for Luxury Products.” with Petia Petrova, and Robert B. Cialdini, Journal of Consumer Psychology 16(1), 57-69. 2006.

“Designing Marketplaces of the Artificial with Consumers in Mind: Four Approaches to Understanding Consumer Behavior in Electronic Environments,” with Steven Bellman, Eric J. Johnson, Gerald L. Lohse, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 20(1), 21-33. 2006.

“The Effect of a Delay between Choice and Consumption on Consumption Enjoyment,” with Deborah Brown McCabe and Stephen M Nowlis, Journal of Consumer Research, 31 , 502-510. December 2004.

“When Web Pages Influence Choice: Effects of Visual Primes on Experts and Novices,’ with Eric J. Johnson, Journal of Consumer Research, June 2003.

“Shifting Selves and Decision Making: The Effects of Self-Construal Priming on Consumer Risk Taking,” Journal of Consumer Research, September 2002.

Moe, Wendy

“On the Depth and Dynamics of World Wide Web Shopping Behavior,” with Eric J. Johnson, Peter S. Fader, Steven Bellman, and Jerry Lohse, Management Science, 2004.

“Dynamic Conversion Behavior at e-Commerce Sites,” with Peter S. Fader, Management Science, 2004.

“Capturing Evolving Visit Behavior in Clickstream Data,” with Peter S. Fader, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2004.

“Buying, Searching, or Browsing: Differentiating between Online Shoppers Using In-Store Navigational Clickstream,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2003.

“Using Advance Purchase Orders to Forecast New Product Sales,” with Peter S. Fader, Marketing Science, 2002.

“Uncovering Patterns in Cyber Shopping,” with Peter S. Fader, California Management Review, 43(4), 2001.

“Modeling Hedonic Portfolio Products: A Joint Segmentation Analysis of Music CD Sales,” with Peter S. Fader, Journal of Marketing Research, 2001.

Morales, Andrea

“It’s Not Only the Thought but the Effort That Counts: The Role of Others’ Effort in Decision Making,” Journal of Consumer Research, 2004.

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Morwitz, Vicki

“The Scope and Persistence of Mere-Measurement Effects: Evidence from a Field-Study of Customer Satisfaction Measurement ,” with Paul Dholakial, Journal of Consumer Research, 2002.

“Choosing Not to Consume: A Social Dilemma Perspective on Consumer Boycotts,” with Sen, Sankar and Zeynep Gurhan-Canli, Journal of Consumer Research, 2001.

“Shopping Lists as an External Memory Aid for Grocery Shopping: Influences on List Writing and List Fulfillment,” with Lauren Block, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 1999.

“Divide and Prosper: Consumers’ Reactions to Partitioned Prices,” with Eric Greenleaf and Eric Johnson, Journal of Marketing Research, 1998.

“Testing New Direct Marketing Offerings: The Interplay of Management Judgment and Statistical Models,” with David C. Schmittlein, Management Science, 1998.

“The Stochastic Modeling of Purchase Intentions and Behavior,’ with Marting R. Young and Wayne S. DeSarbo, Management Science, 1998.

Okada, Erica

“Spending Time Versus Spending Money,” with Stephen Hoch, Journal of Consumer Research, 2004.

“Trade-Ins, Mental Accounting, and Product Replacement Decisions,” Journal of Consumer Research, March 2001.

Park, Young Hoon

“Modeling Browsing Behavior at Multiple Websites,” with Peter S. Fader, Marketing Science, 2004.

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Sayman, Serdar

“How Category Characteristics Affect the Number of Store Brands Offered by the Retailer: A Model and Empirical Analysis,” with Jagmohan S. Raju, Journal of Retailing, 2004.

Investigating the Cross-Category Effects of Store Brands,”¬†with Jagmohan S. Raju, Review of Industrial Organization, 2004.

“Positioning of Store Brands,” with Stephen J. Hoch, and Jagmohan S. Raju, Marketing Science, 2002.

Sen, Sankar

“The Effects Of Brand Name Suggestiveness And Decision Goal On The Development Of Brand Knowledge,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 1998.

“Knowledge, Information Mode and the Attraction Effect,” Journal of Consumer Research, 1998.

“Mere-Possession Effects Without Possession in Consumer Choice,” with Eric J. Johnson, Journal of Consumer Research, 1997.

“Marketing and Minority Civil Rights: The Case of Amendment 2 and the Colorado Boycott,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 1996.

“Consumer Reactions to a Provider’s Position on Social Issues: The Effect of Varying Frames of Reference,” with Vicki Morwitz, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 1996.

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Tyagi, Rajeev K.

“Cost Leadership and Pricing,’ Economics Letters, August 2001.

“Implementable Mechanisms to Coordinate Horizontal Alliances,” with B. R. Nault, Management Science, June 2001.

“Why do Suppliers Charge Larger Buyers Lower Prices?,” Journal of Industrial Economics, March 2001.

“Sequential Product Positioning under Differential Costs,” Management Science, July 2000.

“A Characterization of Retailer Response to Manufacturer Trade Deals,” Journal of Marketing Research, November 1999.

“On the Relationship between Product Substitutability and Tacit Collusion,” Managerial and Decision Economics, September 1999.

“On the Effects of Downstream Entry,” Management Science, January 1999.

“Pricing Patterns as Outcomes of Product Positions,” Journal of Business, January