PhD Program

Marketing is fundamentally concerned with the description and prediction of decision outcomes involving all aspects of the firm that relate to its customers, competitors, distributors, and business regulators. Interest in description and prediction, in turn, is associated with the improvement of marketing decision making.

Marketing is an interdisciplinary field that draws upon theory and methodology from a wide variety of sources, including psychology, sociology, mathematics, statistics, and economics. Recent developments in the field include new methods and theories for understanding buyers’ perceptions and preferences, probabilistic choice models, models for allocating marketing resources,  econometric analysis of large data bases, and micro-economic models for marketing strategy.

The Wharton School’s Marketing Department has had a long tradition in the development of new research methodologies and the successful implementation of new decision models and techniques in the practice of marketing.

Members of the Department tend to be very active in cutting-edge research. Each of the seminars offered by the Department reflects a combination of technical expertise and field-level experience. Graduates of the program have received offers of faculty positions at leading business schools, including Cornell, Duke, University of Chicago, Northwestern, NYU, LBS, Columbia, Emory, Harvard, USC, and UCLA.

BHARGAVE“Wharton marketing students can look to a constellation of stars: the department’s world-class faculty and doctoral student colleagues”
–Rajesh Bhargave ’09
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