Doctoral Program Phases

The Wharton Doctoral Programs consist of two distinct phases: pre-candidacy and candidacy. In general, during the pre-candidacy phase the student completes

  • the required course-work,
  • preliminary examinations,
  • any requirements imposed by the student’s specific Department or
  • Program such as additional qualifying examinations and research papers.

The specific pre-candidacy requirements for the Marketing Program and the Joint Program in Marketing and Psychology are listed in the links to the right.

Upon satisfying all of these requirements, the student applies in writing to their Department PhD Faculty Coordinator for admission to candidacy. The Coordinator will review the student’s record and make a recommendation to the Vice Dean. Upon approval by the Vice Dean, the student is admitted to candidacy.

The candidacy phase comprises

  • preparation and defense of the dissertation proposal,
  • doctoral dissertation
  • final defense of the dissertation