Undergraduate Program Course List

Full Semester Courses (1.0 course units)

        • MKTG 101 Introduction to Marketing
        • MKTG 211 Consumer Behavior
        • MKTG 212 Data and Analysis for Marketing Decisions
        • MKTG 260 Law of Marketing and Antitrust
        • MKTG 262 New Product Development
        • MKTG 265 Principles of Advertising
        • MKTG 266 Marketing for Social Impact
        • MKTG 268 Contagious: How Products, Ideas, and Behaviors Catch On
        • MKTG 271 Models for Marketing Strategy
        • MKTG 270 Digital Marketing, Social Media and E-Commerce
        • MKTG 274 Forecasting Methods for Marketing
        • MKTG 277 Marketing Strategy
        • MKTG 278 Strategic Brand Management
        • MKTG 288 Pricing Strategies
        • MKTG 292 Creativity
        • MKTG 399 Independent Study
        • MKTG 476 Applied Probability Models in Marketing

Half Semester Courses (0.5 course units)

      • MKTG 221 New Product Management
      • MKTG 224 Advertising Management
      • MKTG 225 Principles of Retailing
      • MKTG 227 Marketing and Electronic Commerce
      • MKTG 234 Creativity: Idea Generation and the Systemic Approach for Creativity
      • MKTG 241 Entrepreneurial Marketing
      • MKTG 242 Multinational Marketing
      • MKTG 251 Sales Force Management
      • MKTG 254 Pricing Policy

Special Topics (number of course units varies)

The Special Topics courses offered by the Marketing Department can vary from year to year. Some previously offered Special Topics courses include:

  • Courses sponsored by various Research Centers
    • MKTG 302 Special Topics: Visual Aesthetics and Style in Retail Merchandising 1.0 cu (2010A)
    • MKTG 306 Special Topics: Retail Merchandising 0.5 cu (2017C)
    • MKTG 307 Special Topics: Retail Designscape 1.0 cu (2006A)
    • MKTG 309 Special Topics: Experiments for Business Decision Making 1.0 cu (2016C)
  • Courses offered by the department
    • MKTG 350 Special Topics: Consumer Neuroscience 0.5 cu (2018A)
    • MKTG 351 Special Topics: Introduction to Brain Science for Business 0.5 cu (2018A)
    • MKTG 352 Special Topics: Strategic Brand Management 0 .5 cu (2016A)
    • MKTG 352 Special Topics: Marketing Analytics 0.5 cu (2018C)
    • MKTG 490 Special Topics in Communication: Reinventing the Media Economy – Experiments in Averting E-pocalypse (2015A crosslisted with COMM 490)


Renumbered Courses  and courses no longer offered

  • MKTG 233    Social Impact of Marketing  – This 0.5 cu course was replaced by MKTG 266. Students cannot take both MKTG 233 and MKTG 266 for credit toward their degree program.
  • MKTG 230x  Digital Marketing and Electronic Communication  –  After offering this course as experimental, the department submitted it for approval as a permanent course with a new course number and revised title: MKTG 270. Students cannot take both MKTG 230x and MKTG 270 for credit toward their degree program.
  • MKTG 231x   The Psychology of Consumer Financial Decisions – After offering this course as experimental, the department choose not to make it a permanent course and discontinued offering it.
  • MKTG 246 Business to Business Marketing was discontinued in 2017A
  • MKTG 259 Channel Management was discontinued in 2017A
  • In Fall 2014 the department renumbered many of the undergraduate course offerings, so that the course numbers were consistent with MBA course numbers with which they might be cross listed.
FormerCurrentOriginal Course Title
MKTG 222MKTG 254Pricing Policy
MKTG 223MKTG 259Channel Management
MKTG 226MKTG 251Sales Force Management
MKTG 232MKTG 262New Product Development
MKTG 228MKTG 268Contagious
MKTG 235MKTG 265Principles of Advertising
MKTG 236MKTG 260Law of Marketing and Antitrust
MKTG 269MKTG 309Special Topics: Experiments for Business Decision Making
MKTG 281MKTG 241Entrepreneurial Marketing
MKTG 282MKTG 242Multinational Marketing
MKTG 286MKTG 246Business to Business Marketing
MKTG 293MKTG 225Retailing
MKTG 396MKTG 306Retail Merchandising
MKTG 398MKTG 274Forecasting Methods for Marketing

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