Evidence-Based Methods and Principles

Evidence-based Essays

This section contains evidence based essays on various topics, such as the value of focus groups, whether strategic planning works, or how to improve service satisfaction.

Educational Materials

Professor Armstrong’s page of Educational Materials provides learning aids. These include skills for advertising, pricing, product policy, and consulting, along with lists of techniques that can be used in each area. In some cases, such as for the systems approach and scenarios, detailed descriptions are provided. Experiential cases are also provided.

Major Findings

Professor Armstrong’s page of Major Findings provides a summary of findings in which he was involved. These pertain to:
Scientific Methods and Peer Review
Social Responsibility in Management
Strategic Planning
Applied Statistics

Advertising Principles (AdPrin): A resource for those teaching (or doing) advertising

I recently completed an overhaul of the AdPrin site, a resource for those teaching advertising (or for practitioners). My long-term objective (not there yet, of course) is to include all useful knowledge about advertising on this site. If you have suggestions for making the site more useful, please send them along; tell me about mistakes and about sins of omissions.

Forecasting Principles

For information about all aspects of forecasting research, visit forecastingprinciples.com. Professor Armstrong has edited a book, Principles of Forecasting, designed to summarize all useful knowledge about forecasting methods. The book, consisting of 30 papers by 40 authors, was published by Kluwer in 2001.