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  • EDEN5090 - Marktg For Entreprenrs

    Marketing for Entrepreneurs addresses how to design and implement the best combination of marketing efforts to carry out a firm's strategy in its target markets. Specifically, this course seeks to develop the student's (1) understanding of how the enterprise can benefit by creating and delivering value to its customers and stakeholders, and (2) skills in applying the analytical concepts and tools of marketing to such decisions as segmentation and targeting, branding, pricing, distribution, and promotion. Prerequisite: Enrollment in Education Entrepreneurship program.

  • EDEN5110 - Economics of Ed: Ent Fin

    Entrepreneurial Finance provides a step-by-step introduction to core finance concepts in the context of new venture design and innovation implementation planning. Main areas of course focus are solution pricing, creation of a sustainable business model, and development of a robust financial model. In this course, students will learn to use financial analytical tools and frameworks to enable a venture/innovation launch. Students will build a financial model for the venture one that will assist in making critical choices and assessing the attractiveness of an enterprise to potential stakeholders. Closing the course, we will address issues of funding and fundraising strategy. The emphasis of the course is on assisting students to apply knowledge and concepts towards their personal professional and career aspirations. Prerequisite: Enrollment in Education Entrepreneurship program.

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