Hoori Rafieian

Hoori Rafieian
  • Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Part-Time Lecturer

Contact Information

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    716 Jon M. Huntsman Hall 3730 Walnut Street University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 19104

Research Interests: Motivation and goal-pursuit, Variety seeking behavior


My research broadly focuses on consumer Judgment and Decision Making. I specifically look at how consumers’ pursuit of goals affects their choice, and how these goals motivate them to use different cues in the environment to evaluate their progress.


MKTG 221 – New Product Management

MKTG 721 – New Product Management

Past Courses


    Examination of the marketing aspects of products or services exclusive of their promotion, pricing or distribution. Focuses on decisions regarding product introduction, positioning, improvements, and deletion, and the tools available for making these decisions.


    This course provides a total immersion in the new product development process - from sourcing ideas and innovation, through new product sales forecasting. The focus is on collective learning, what works, what doesn't, and why. While the primary focus is the new product development process within a corporate structure, some coverage is given to key issues surrounding start-ups.


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