Photo of Cassie Mogilner

Cassie Mogilner

Associate Professor of Marketing

Research Interests: happiness, time, and money; chooser satisfaction; consumer-brand relationships

Links: CV

  • Cassie Mogilner, Barbara Mellers (Under Review), Wants and Shoulds in Daily Life: Which Activities Predict Happiness?.
  • Hengchen Dai, Cassie Mogilner, Cindy Chan (Draft), “Don’t Tell Me What to Do!” People Rely Less on Consumer Reviews for Experiential than Material Purchases.  
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  • Francesca Gino, Cassie Mogilner (2013), Time, Money, and Morality, Psychological Science    Abstract
  • Cassie Mogilner, Michael Norton (Work In Progress), Philosophies of Happiness: Preferences for Experienced versus Remembered Happiness.
  • Jordan Etkin, Cassie Mogilner (Work In Progress), Will Variety Make You Happy?.
  • Cassie Mogilner, Zoe Chance, Michael Norton (2012), Giving Time Gives You Time, Psychological Science, 23, 1233 - 1238.    Abstract
  • Cassie Mogilner, Baba Shiv, Sheena Iyengar (2012), Eternal Quest for the Best: Sequential (vs. Simultaneous) Option Presentation Undermines Choice Commitment, Journal of Consumer Research    Abstract
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  • Cassie Mogilner (2010), The Pursuit of Happiness: Time, Money, and Social Connection, Psychological Science    Abstract
  • Jennifer Aaker, Kathleen Vohs, Cassie Mogilner (2010), Non-Profits Are Seen as Warm and For-Profits as Competent: Firm Stereotypes Matter, Journal of Consumer Research    Abstract
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  • Cassie Mogilner, Jennifer Aaker, Ginger Pennington (2008), Time Will Tell: The Distant Appeal of Promotion and Imminent Appeal of Prevention, Journal of Consumer Research    Abstract