Photo of Cassie Mogilner

Cassie Mogilner

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Research Interests: happiness, time, and money; chooser satisfaction; consumer-brand relationships

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Professor Cassie Mogilner studies happiness, focusing on the role of time and money. Her research examines such questions as how thinking in terms of time (rather than money) influences consumers’ attitudes towards products and brands; how individuals’ daily choices and behavior are influenced by thoughts of time and money; how the meaning of happiness changes over the course of one’s lifetime; and how giving time away can increase feelings of having time. Across these inquiries, her findings highlight the high level of happiness that stems from personally connecting with people and with one’s products. Professor Mogilner also studies decision making, examining how factors in the choice context (e.g., categorization and the simultaneous vs. sequential presentation of options) can influence the level of satisfaction that individuals experience from the choices they make.

Professor Mogilner’s research articles have been published in the top-tier academic journals, Psychological Science, Journal of Consumer Research, and Social Psychology and Personality Science. Popular accounts of her work have been featured on NPR and have appeared in such publications as The Economist, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Scientific American, and the Boston Globe. Her work on giving time was featured among the "32 Innovations that Will Change Your Tomorrow" in the New York Times Magazine.

Professor Mogilner teaches Strategic Brand Management, MKTG 278 & MKTG 778. She earned her PhD in Marketing from Stanford and her BA from Columbia as a psychology major.