Photo of Barbara E. Kahn

Barbara E. Kahn

Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor

Director, Jay H. Baker Retailing Center

Professor of Marketing

Research Interests: consumer choice, variety seeking, product assortments., brand management, retailing, brand loyalty, customization, decisions under uncertainty/ambiguity, customer relationship management, medical and financial services, price promotions

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  • MKTG778 - Strategic Brand Management

    Which brands make you happy? Apple? Starbucks? The Daily Show? Google? What draws you into these brands? How do companies create compelling brand experiences? How could you cultivate a brand that makes consumers happy? well-loved brand? This course explores such questions with the goal of identifying the ingredients for building an inspired brand, where brand is defined as "a reputation" - departing from traditional perspectives of brand. The course is created for students interested in building their own brands and/or immersing themselves in the enhancement of an existing brand, and it is comprised of lectures, cases, guest speakers, discussions, in and out of class exercises, all of which culminate in a brand audit group project that students will present in the final class session. Broadly, the course will be divided into four parts: 1) Understanding Brand, 2) Crafting Brand, 3) Measuring Brand, and 4) Managing Brand. The course will provide students with an appreciation of the role of branding and (taking a consumer-centric approach) will augment students' ability to think creatively and critically about the strategies and tactics involved in building, leveraging, defending, and sustaining inspired brands.


  • MKTG974 - Research Seminar in Marketing - Part B

    This course is taught collectively by the faculty members from the Marketing Department. It is designed to expose Doctoral students to the cutting-edge research in marketing models in order to help them to define and advance their research interests. This course will offer: in-depth discussions on some important topics in marketing by experts in respective areas; tools, and methodologies required for conducting research in those areas; broad exposure to our faculty members and their proven research styles.